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The Defense Making Progress Getting- Through With the Evidence. in all Probability Arjameat b Begaa To-day or To-morrow. mil A Stubborn Printo 8tno. With a set While Beaiating Arrest. Bayo- Tho Lag-ton Boyt Almost a Unit Favor of Leaving tha Stata Guard. In CAMP AND TRIAL NOTES. fSrneial to tks ConrlrvJournmlA GRATB02I, Kt., Feb. 80. To-day much progress waa made toward tba completion of tha evidence for tha defense, aad it looks now aa if tha argument will commence tomorrow afternoon. Tba first witness, who testified before a full court-room, waa the Rev. Alex. Boeriug, who beard the statement of George Ellis la the Catlettsburg Jail, in January, 1883, whan Ellis said two wera guilty and Craft waa innocent. Elba said at tba time, "I am ready to have tha rone around mv neck, and depart fur a brighter land." On cross-examination, it was brought out that tba witness was induced to go and hear this confession by Tillman Craft, brother of tha prisoner. Tba next witness, Ballard Faulconer, waa a rcLLOw-PRisosca , with EUia and Craft at Catlettabnrg Jail. Ha told bow Ellis put his arms around Craft's neck, and kissed nun, and said be waa innocent. Ellis said: "My God. what have I done I" Wben Craft said: "I did not do this thing, and the blood of the murdered dead ia not on my hands, and I'll make it all right in tha morninz." The effect of this declaration was much weakened wben on cross exsuiinatioa it waa proven that the prisoners in tha Jail used violent language toward the man who perpetrated tha awful crime, and Elba was probably influenced by fear. Dpo Simons, another prisoner, said that before the confession Ellis and Craft had a long conference. The witness said Geo. Ellis was much worried about leaving his wife among strangers. Craft told him if be would straighten tba accusation against him Ellis' wife would be provided for, and then the recantation was made. An attempt was here made by tha defense to lu trod Joe three or four witnesses to tell about Ellis' other recantation, but failed. Then came van TCDioua roario.i or tux oat, when a number of witnesses wera in trod need to prove the details of Craft's whereabouts about tha time of tba tragedy. After dinner Mrs. Wm. Neal stated that tha night of tha murder bar husband came home at 18:80 and aha let him in. She went directly to bed. She woke up utter and found him in bed. Martha Hood lived at Neal's; she saw Neal in bed and asleep, and on the night of the murder heard him snore. Then she knew nifing till called to ee the burning houe. Mrs. J. w. House, sviin wooui urait boarded, testified as to his whereabouts at the time of the tragedy. The witness identified the coat, shirt and pants that Craft wore that day. Tba bloody shirt and coat torn were not introduced. Mrs. House did not bear Craft go to bed the night of the murder, but saw him there next morning. A naif-dozen other wit nexees were pnton too stand, but notiung new waa developed by their testimony. Tba feeiiug among those who attended tha court to-day is that THB DKrataS HAS BBZ!f BIXOULARLY WXAK, the only point made during the entire day being a partial contradiction of the cemetery meeting by an alibi. This, however, ia a decided gain, since the meeting was held by tba prosecution to be corroborative of Ellis' first confession. Mrs. Neal, who it was thought would give overwhelming testimony, did but little good. The de fense bave taken many exceptions, which are readily granted by boUi tha court and prosecution, in cae of conviction the mat ter will again be carried to the Court of Appeals, and unless to-morrow brings a differ ent phase there will be a conviction. TBS 0RDIR OF AROCMBST. Tbie evening the attorneys, both prosecut ing and defense, bad a coniarence, and agreed, in cafce the evidence is closed to-mor row, as is probable, that Z. F. Smith shall make tba first speech lor the defense, Hon. Keena F. Pntchard to follow for tba prosocu tiou. K. C. Burns to follow for the defense. and Commonwealth's Attorney Kinuer to close. Tba argument will be completed at tba night session I bursdar, and it is probable tha case will be decided in twenty-four hours. There will be no adjournment on account of Washington s birthday, but tha troops will observe it by a dress parade and a salute oi tblrty-eigut guua. TUB LOCISTTLLB LXOIOX. In my dispatches of a week ago aa interview with Maj. Leathers forebadowed a movement to withdraw tha Legion from tba State Guard, a topio which just now is much discussed lu camp, i uts morning 1 nad a chat with Mai. Brown, in which, in replying to a question as to bow the boys felt ai.out it, be said: "It ia tba impression that tba Legion can not be kept up unless there is such action and the Legion withdrawn. After our return there will be a lack of in tercet, for there is a general-feeling that the Legion as a body haa been badly treated by tne Aujutant-uenerai and otata autnontiea Wa wore badly treated in being seut to Grayson, though since we have been here we could not bave received higher consideration. As an officer Col. Aileu has been so thoughtful as to endear him to every one in camp. The boys are almost a nmt ia favor of leaving the Stata Guard. We ware organized for A ROMK GUARS, and bare received mora support from the city than the State, though as to whether or not we can withdraw is a question for tha Adjutant General to decide. ' ' In conversation. 1 found it to be too general feeling among the Legion, and the queo- Xmm will doubtless be agitated until the return of troops. To-day. J. P. Pinkerton. of this place, re ceived hia conunission aa Deputy Collector for Urayson. Tha Lemon bovs are re Joldnz in a fine box of tobacco and cigars received from Col. Castlenian. Company A, of the Le- cion. ia holdimr Its nose in the air. Coru. D. A. Fousch, one of their number, got the beat inspection, and tba Capt, Speed tent has living the colors. Last night the Pradeonis Club tent gave a banquet to CoL Allen. There were present Col. Allen, MaJ. lirown, Capt. Bohan, Capt, Adams. Dr. Vance. Lieut. Grinsted. Lieut. Bain. Col. Watte Parker, of Lexiustou, ia to-niirht tha truest of Cant. D. V. John- eon. Tots afternoon Capt. rTanx Rodman received a telegram to allow Private Crittenden, of Franktort, an immediate furlough. About half -past fi o'clock this afteruoou cossiDxaABia xxcrrxxETr was cacseo in camp by tba arrest of Private Ed. MooreM of Lexington, wno ran toe lines, u nicer of the Day Fitzgerald ordered out a detail, consisting of Corp. Ei. Stanton and Privates Duncan Holmes, Rob Gordon and Embert Stevens all "Nucks" to arrest Moore. The bitter refused to come, aud picking np a rock, advanced on Holmes, threatening to brain him. Holmes warned him off, and, aa Moore still advanced, stuck bis bayonet in him three times twice in tha .left arm and once ia tba thigh. Nona of the wounds are serious, however. Moore gave in and was brought uack to camp. There is a treat feeling of indication atuong some of Moore's comrades. The matter was investigated by CoL Alien, who ordered the detail to go to their quarters as usual, and Moore to tha guard-house. It ia feared that tha affair will eugendur some feeling, though all sides said that tha detail aatad ia ansa soldierly fashion. - At tha hospital to-day a fear colds aad unimportant cases were reported. The general health ts good. Privates Melter and Jobneoa. of Louisville, are reported improving, though still very sick men. - The boys are rejoicing to-aigha at tha prospect of getting home the last of this week or the first of next. : A. BCXMA TIUSA L SVICfDM Am A fee f-evete, CmM le Py Their Bewl, Kill Tares i si t te Esceee tba aVaaallly of a eaylecm Laaelara. fSpeciallo IK Ooe'-we Jesrxsi.1 Balttmorb, Feb. 20. A ghastly discovery was made here this t morning In a bouse on West Pratt street. Isidore Ferdinand Flatoau and hia wifa, aa aged couple, were found dead in bed, aad a buttle tabled "prussic acid," which lay between them, told the cause bf their death. One month ago they rented three rooms ia the house) of George Goiinghontt, and (be -latter describe the old man aa a very peculiar person. Ha did not pay bis rent promptly, aud on but Saturday GoUuguorst told bun he would either have to pay up or move. Ha heard nothing more from them until this morning, when, becoming alaraiedat tbelr long silence and bearing a dog barking furiously in their apartments, Gorlingborxt summoned help, the door was broken down and tha dead bodies d isoorered in a state of decomposition. Tbey had been dead about two days.. Tba following letter, addressed to the Coroner of Baltimore, waa found clutched in the dead man's band: , Data Sia I consider It my dutv to notify you that 1 sad my wife ere comprleU lo toouuit suic-Ue by talcing UuJanum. I arrived here (ram Richmond, a., two months sgosnd could not find any employ mrnt ami my means ere ad exhausted. Mr. LohnKhorst, my landlord, and hia if e, shorn I owe one miaib's nmt (j. treated me last tatunlay night iu such a suaiuef ill tuau-ner as co .id be expected from lite very lowest rlase of Dutchmea, lo a hich they beiong, bo have been shipped as paupers lo Uus couutry. I beegeil both to give nut another week's liine and offered security, but they acted as brutes and would not listen to my most earnest requests, I hope the lew rtTocla 1 leve Hi nay our funeral expenses, and we ish to be burard Uvwumst. on tiie utule In my bed room 1 leave a waleo. lour pewnurujuKS ucxeia. etc. l ours. 1MUORB rKBDUUJIB f LSTEAU, Orous Fusiasu. bis wife. - Gollngborst denies having treated them shabbily. Few things ware found in the room excepting some old mahogany lurni-lure, several Bibles, prayer books and dio- uouaries. A DKriLMHU DMED. Elisabeth Mewtactoa Arrested, Chare4 WUh ibe Deliberate Mereer ef Uer Llula Step son. - Special to Ih Courier-Journal A Detroit, Mich., Feb. 19. Elizabeth Newington, a mascuUne-apnearing woman who bat outlived two husbands and is now ilviug with a third, was arrested to-day at Flat Rock, a village about twenty miles below this city, charged with the murder of her step-child, a boy of eight years. Several days ago the boy died suddenly ) under circumstances of a suspicious nature. An in-quet was held and evidence adduced which not only proved that the little fellow has been the victim of most outrageous treatment at the bands of bis stepmother, but that she was directly responsible for bis taking off. It appeared that the woman bad driven off her husband's children, and all remained away except the boy, who was so small be could not take care of himself, and everv little while he returned home, only to be driven off by the . woman. Unco she attempted to cut bis throat. but be succeeded in getting away. and secreted biiuxelf ina neighbor's barn un- tu nearly starved, wben be again appeared at borne and besought bis stepmother to give bun souiM Uilng to eat, promising to go away and not trouble her again. It is claimed she put strychnine on a piece of bread, and then covermg it up with butter, gave it to the boy to eat. tie was shortly attor aeiaed with coui vuisions and died in a few hours. No physician s suiumoiittd. and it was given out that tha boy died from the effects of exposure, hav ing ran away from borne. - - Tne woman waa lodgvd in the couuty lail here. She ref uds to talk about the alleged murder. Bvaixnas em nARKAaitx xts. The Feilare ef Brow a, Besmetl as Co. Clkvblasd, Feb. 20. Fayette Brown, of Cleveland, was this morning appointed by too United States Court receiver of Brown, Bonnell & Co., of Youngstwn. Tba works will continue to be run as usual for tha present at leait. The company represents it has a large quantity of stock aad good contracts. I he sveta are claimed to be largely in ex cess of the liabilities. Herbert Ayer has not coma and is not expected. No formal meeting of the directors is called, but prominent stockholders will consult with the receiver. Receiver Brown was appointed on the ap- rlicuUoa of the Jackson and Lake Superior roa Companies and tba Neagaunee Concentration Company for themselves, having claims amounting to f30,U00. and for other creditors. He gave bond in i 100,000, with Amasa Stone, Selah Chamberlain and Cbaa. A. Otis for sureties. Mr. Brown said to the Associated Press correspondent bs expects tha Youngstown works will besbut dowu to take an inventory, after which they will be managed to make the most out of tba property. How younr soever you may be, Wim failing teeth your icriin and old; And losinfryour mouth's purity. Your features st-ein botu dull and cold. Then roan or maid, warned of your fata, boek boZODO.NT. e'er it s too lata. LOCAL) NOT1C1& Yewag or salea! atra sagerlag frees nervous debility, loss of memory, premature otd age. as the result or bad habits, should send three stamps for Part VII of Dime Series pamph lets. Address World's Dispensary Medical elation, Buffalo, X. Y. Do yo know Ola Brown WlBaaor Boae lasts lourer, is more highly perfumed, and more emollient la use than these young fellows? J. E. Atkinson, Manufacturers, London. llbor's toa-lWer oil aa4 Lime. The friends of persons who have been restored from con firmed Consumption by the use of this original preparation, and the grateful parties themselves. have, by recommending it and acknowledging its wonderful effloacy, given the article a vast popn lerity In New F.ngland. The Cod-liver Oil Is In this combination robbed of its unpleasant taste. and rendered doubly effective In being coupled with the Lime, which is itself a restorative prln ciple, sjpplytng nature with just the assistance required to heal and restore the diseased Lungs. A. a Wilbor, Boston, Proprietor. Sold by an druggists. Harare's Palaa Dresslae. a ressy-maan, tirej and delicious dressing for all salads of meat, fish or vegetables. Cheaper and infinitely better than nome-made. No sauos equal to it. Dr. W Miller. SI 7 r. Charles street. Louis, oldest venereal praclioe ia America. Send for pamphlet. To Mothers. Wiiea rouf coll area are afflicted tth worms rive them Dr. 'Wuuersmiu's Worm Candy or Santonin Loaenres. His the. most re liable vrrmifuco known, aad Is prescribed by our eaainf pnysicians. Ills pert sous a soul iu all resnectahle stores. DEATHS. STEY Feb. 20. at' 5V o'clock A M.. Joax B. Btet. sze I rears and & months. Funei al will take plce from bis late residence. i.oio i-reHion St.. at 3 o i-ioca reo. xi. s GEO. a CLCETT, D BO. at CO.. Banuu mi i ids inn CUFFS. a CHUBM uwLUu RRs) Sold by leading dealers. deal WeSa33 PIANOS AND OKGAN8. HINZEN & ROSEN. UMACTCEESS OF UPRIGHT AND SQUARE PIANOS. A LSO Sealers m Onraas and sU kinds ec J. mosica.1 instruments, Ko. 410 iUrfcatSk, fourth. LOClaVILLE, ICY.. lacwry fightisnih sad Qraysoasia, QUICK streatth than the competition weWrht, "cm V all st., ct the .rie an.y k i r Lfactat-Uae Cr--A PUK Health, F CHIC-0 JyJ T JRESTQX X M., wdl this i ork in siatar J. Honest 'Now, poetry in ham In hia trembling profound Last 1 Mr. is not as whom the yet be is the past have been hobbling iook supple trace of Mr. R. New York, to Mr. Having cinier. inninieiy diseases blood or iu He.vl-acbe. Coughs 60 cents tliA2i A Cars. errors weakness, end a This irrrat missionary in envelops New York Of com Ppreads hair, or Wins and caa desirable Manufactured street. Applied by Forty MRH. preocriptioa and used for millions tiie child Jiar-rnea, Kin; ce nol3 VILL ONLY be BmVEE 1 ravelrrs c.n--bsh I hanoel the arrival or Pereire. Amrritj Canada, Price Crst sKrrr-s re "i, Cliecas bamiiw Or Ao. and -pL Mrg. v tusi. -.'iV

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