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 - "CRAFTS TRIAL The Borribls Details of an Awful...
"CRAFTS TRIAL The Borribls Details of an Awful Crime as Told on tbe Witness-stand. Tbe Prisoner Shudders at the Sight of the Implements of D atli With WWch the Bonis of Three Inno-ceats Wen Wafted Into f Eternity. The Last Rumor of an Armed Mob Proves, Like All Predecessors, a Canard. YESTERDAY'S PfMK'EEDIXGR IV FULL. l.lprrtal tn the Courier-Journal. 1 Gsatso.y, Feb. lfl. A beautiful and spring-lik day has dawned after a Bight which to the troop wat one of suspense. As I said in my mtlnigbt dispatch, tbe First battalion, incluiliug the State Guard Veta, the ilcCroarys, slept oa their arm, but it turned out that the alarm which made so much to-do was only another of tbe canard . that are to freely circulated in Grayson. It was ugsted this rooming again, as it has been several times before, that these stories are merely a ruse to get the State Guard Accustomed to the cry ot wolf," so that when at lust the wolf docs come tbe old fable vriil be repeated. This may lie so, but tbe probabilities are it is not. Tbe more one see of the people of Grayson and adjacent country the more convinced must be become of their siucerest opposition to anything like mobocracy. Tbey have now made many friends anionic the soldiers, and tbia will tend to prevent any trouble. Tbe prevailing opinion is that the jury WILL FIND CBAFr QClLTT, and If such is tbe due all trouble will be ended. All tbe people in this section waut is what they conceive to be justice done. At half past 8 o'clock Craft, under guard of the Louisville Legion, waa marched to tbe Court-lioue. Xeal was not brought op today. There was a full court-room and more interest titan in yesterday's ovideno in the proceed ni. The first witness put oa tbe stand was John 11. Powell, for tbe prosecution. Lake t apt. Wise, Mr. Powell detailed tbe tern bio tragedy aa be heard Ellis narrate it at the former trial'. The story as told this morning waa even more grapblo than as told yesterday, and the thrilling events of that awful Fruity niht for a third time sickened very burvr. ''ths fatal ax a:td crowbar, frith which tbe death-etrokea were inflicted. r.frere brought into court. Craft shuddered when be miw thein, and afterwards, wben they lay in tbe middle of tbe floor, be teemed to try to avoid looking at them. Tbe ax Is old nd rusty, with a rough oak handle that is warped and beut. Tbe bead of tbe ax is much battered. Tbe iron bar is such as is used by track bands, live feet long, and will weigh twenty-five pounds. During Mr. Powell's evidence a diagram of the Gibbons bouse was intra dnoed to make tbe tragedy mora clear to tbe jury. After a somewhat tedious cross-examination, wuicb occupied an hour or more, in which tbe defense attempted to make some point oa which to break down tbe witneta' evidence. Dr. Williauf Turnan was placed on the stand. His testimony related in chief to .the post mortem performed on Fannie Gibbons and Emma Carqco, which he performed in connection with Drs. Wade and Martin. ' He detailed the SATLRK OF THE VICTIMS' INJURIES, going into details especially concerning tbe nameless crime committed in connection with tbe triple murder. This evidence was listened to witit bated breath, and was so awful as to send a thrill of horror through every bearer. lJr. J. W. Martin had a small boy placed before tbe jury, and by him explained the nature ot the injuries inflicted upon Robbie Gibbons. All the doctors agreed that tbe incised and contused wounds tbey found on the bodies could nave been inflicted with tbe ax and crowbar. The witness also identified tne crowbar and ax, and told bow he found blood and hair adhering to them. Both of tbe witnesses were firms ornminod relative to some expert medical testimony de-bvered. This was exceedingly clear,, and the impression prevailed in tbe court-room that the outrage was clearly demonstrated. Tbe dinner hour having been reached an adjournment was had. THB ORIGIN Or LAST RIGHT'S SCARS came out this evnning, and caused as hearty laugh among Uie troops as it did a sensation at midnight. A letter frem a crauk in Franklin, Texas, brought it about. It came direct to tbe Mayor, and is as follows: Faajncu, Txxas, Feb. 8. To tk Mayor of Crayon Dear ftir: Tbe enemies or the republic are gleefully looking forwaid to iuUatiecine trouble here. A conflict between the citisrns and military la Kentucky would be must uufurtuiiate just now, or at any lime. If it could be avoided. Can It not Iter Tbe citizens of Urayaou can concede something. Neal and Craft are in tbe hands of Um Skate, and there is no higher authority. "With respect, A.V Hocwo Tbia letter was accompanied by a tract of tU KOST ULTRA CRAXK TTFE. both were read in one of tbe stores last night, and the matter went on tbe wings of rumor to tbe oamp. The story there received was tLat a letter from Texas Hollow, a place near Ironion, O., had been received warning wonun and children out of tbe camp, as an organised mob would make an attack before morning. This tale did its work.' From midnight till the sunrise gun tbe boys were ready to fall into line at tbe long roll of tbe drum. To-night tbey are on joying tbe joke, but if A. O. Houston could bring a bundle of tracts here, those who lost rest by bis fool latter would be apt to apply a canteen strap where be don't carry bis aphorisms. It Jill A IL Lit. to to ai ' of to as of up of ha to vacau-cy to To-day be

Clipped from
  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 17 Feb 1883, Sat,
  3. Page 5

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