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ft i a r i I J I s, fx: pptl ftp all 11 (p a d ip I tr? do I 3 r !.'.., ,.... .vri x a.. r -v -v . 3 (i From the Pinnacle, Cumberland Cap may be seen far below as it passes into the mountains and into Kentucky from the tawn of Cumberland Gap, Tenn. This was the trail used by pioneers. Draper Hall in one of 85 huihlingH on the 300-acre 300-acre 300-acre campus of famous Ilcrea College, largest of Kentucky's mountain schools. Hrculliitt Conn Iv. and customs of English pioneers, is one of Kentucky's most colorful sections. This scene is on the Dreathitt-Lee Dreathitt-Lee Dreathitt-Lee line. 1? r; Kentucky has two natural bridges in its Cumberland National Forest. This one is in McCreary County, near Tennessee. The other is in a state park on the Wolfe-Powell Wolfe-Powell Wolfe-Powell county honlcr. - r vV I S - - I f Wff- Wff- , ibstr- ibstr- - LJ N Cumberland Falls, 68 feet high and 125 feet broad, was saved as u Kentucky beauty soot ... n ,,t iiniuy inieresis 10 ervi a Hum Here hlockcd and the fulls incorporate! into a state park. The section now is a leading Kentucky nluvirrouml. 7 7 t -si6 -si6 eSggTTr-" eSggTTr-" eSggTTr-" Tliu MAYO & RHODODENDRON TRAILS "17ie Trail of the Lonesome Pine" . - This year, when Kentucky ecle of the Lonesome Pine," the moSf 1 . I 1 A ' m I . . i rjid , increasing numbers of Ken ; ire touring their native 'tL'4'-L,:i 'tL'4'-L,:i 'tL'4'-L,:i no uioro beautiful .ay j vi! wwia inan ine At.Pinevtlle. iu-t iu-t iu-t alovr Vfillfia. 4 .1. . t xJTTE. , ourw, , uie iaii point on ttircr trads, tli Mountain Laureltl; tival irt held each Vcar. 'irr' irlkj": Wi'Icly famed natural ainph! ZZ?1 lip'M I ' Swo wl.rro .W"Icly famed natural amph!J.H, onCJ vl-Uie vl-Uie vl-Uie hi -lcr -lcr Pie Mountain SlutcJPij rrMawT, and l..wHei.-- l..wHei.-- l..wHei.-- j: r fntneky's first and larket;Pi': .Trafls-fcy-oH .Trafls-fcy-oH .Trafls-fcy-oH .Trafls-fcy-oH .Trafls-fcy-oH lauristSfSfcll. r; ' 0t' beautiful cUngwoifcJi;, 3Kl VCC ' 'A:.Vvv1vv Iwent. Krnturky oof!;- oof!;- J . K7v 1 r 1 j x-i x-i x-i v Ttj Jin r ' ? a-" a-" a-" rf I V . J I ' "si . 1 Cumberland, Ky., at Big Black Moun I fain, hignett point in f w ataf. 1 1 P",''tu Ky. "t rjSr-f,,l!,no. rjSr-f,,l!,no. rjSr-f,,l!,no. llon fnttl.e Festival -Uime&J -Uime&J Jaylrailindlon excel- excel- r threedy festival of uiit-r,rj uiit-r,rj uiit-r,rj aeift r-dcrn r-dcrn r-dcrn Highway bti it v-smjSag v-smjSag v-smjSag ami .perfonnanW v nu 1 ftS7 P7m the -t:iin -t:iin r--d r--d r--d r--d it-l$g it-l$g it-l$g native tafcrti,-s-wc1l tafcrti,-s-wc1l tafcrti,-s-wc1l tafcrti,-s-wc1l tafcrti,-s-wc1l ?y :,KtA )lnd Mountains,akcMMis JviSiI. Trr. - Jiitv. -a -a Jtprtant? aoiiualte-'f aoiiualte-'f aoiiualte-'f '.Tl .Tat V;Df Xluj.tecnth;a JlountaKA r j HJLl.fh World Largest O p r ationt U. S. Coj and Coka Co Lynch, Ky. Coal e & i) 1 Ha, -Mr.- -Mr.- -Mr.- c' 1 Tha rmi 1 . mr i Th PinnacU, Cumberland Cap, From It 3,000 ft. elevation one can tee states! al ,1ar v "-V.,- "-V.,- "-V.,- "-V.,- X- X- rrenrf 'e;iL M??"rai ' a. i aT l'jaai'l-l l'jaai'l-l l'jaai'l-l THE COURIER-JOURNAL COURIER-JOURNAL COURIER-JOURNAL SESQUICENTENNIAL EDITION, JANUARY I. 1 942, PACE ' F.iri '"dan,,. rSF? Kv

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  1. The Courier-Journal,
  2. 01 Jan 1942, Thu,
  3. Page 113

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